The House That Cleo Built: The Campaign, The Panel

Finally the time has come that I can reveal what I have been working on, the first ever House of Cleo panel event with a great fun speakers who will be discussing all things body confidence, designing your life and money.

I asked Holly from Build a life you love to come back and be a part of the biggest event House of Cleo has put on as her knowledge and the energy in which she delivers that knowledge is definitely what I want for the panel. Each woman that comes to the panel event I would like them to come away with practical steps they can implement in their lives around money mindset and habits.

Jessica aka The fat funny one is someone I've wanted to get to talk at my events for a while as she is a great advocate for body positivity, family life and female empowerment. She recently took part in a Coppafeel advert raising awareness of the importance of checking your boobs for any changes to help detect early signs of breast cancer.

Tova Leigh is a woman who uses her platform to bring attention to important issues in a humorous way. I saw Tova at a Pregnant and then screwed live event where she talked about mental health in motherhood and loved how she talked so honestly. After the event I sent her message as I really wanted to work with her at the time I had no idea how her online present which was probably good because I was nervous enough explaining to her all about what I want to achieve with my fledgling company.

For tickets to The Panel click here

I am so proud of this panel and really want to it to be something that makes a positive impact on those who attend. I got thinking about how I could get people talking and thinking and boom the campaign idea came to mind a month long conversation about embracing who we are and how we feel about money. I want people unable to attend to still be a part of the conversation and share their experience.

Putting on this event is exciting and scary so many people said they wanted a Saturday event in London so I listened put my own money down and took a risk and fingers crossed it will come good. I really wanted to push myself to see what I am capable of, use this as an example for the future when talking to brands about possible collaborations. I have a big event next year I am putting on for women and want to make that so special, fun and empowering but to secure the people and other event type stuff I really need to raise the funds which is what I am using the Canada Water event for. I want to be transparent about what I do to one help others and to see where I can improve next time.

I have been thinking a lot about the impact I want to make, the money I want to earn, the lifestyle I want to create and the vision for the company. Frequently talking about money and reading books about money has really helped me to see things in a different way opportunities I may be missing.

I have recently signed up to a robo invester app Moneybox to get familiar with investing it takes your money and invests it for you, you choose the type of risk you'd like to take i've chosen mid range until I get use to it. This account is more for long term investment you can't just take the money out which is great so the hope is when I get to a stage that I can take a wage out of the business I can save and build untouchable cash that is hopefully working for me and growing. I am starting small at just £5 a week until I feel confident in how it all works and what the likely return is to be then I will increase this; I have put an initial invest of £100 down to kickstart everything off. I plan on not touching this money for about 10 years then I can use it to build the eco house I have always wanted or possibly if I haven't by that time build the no profit part of the business that will help girls and women to find their worth, see more than their current situation and opportunities that may seem impossible as possible.


Sweet toothed, travel loving, audiobook addict who is also a mum of two. Her passion for inspiring women to find what lights them up, encouraging independence, self awareness and self love through coaching, events and online support have spawned a safe place where women can rediscover who they are this place is House of Cleo.

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