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There I am living my dream life experiencing all the world has to offer in the way of beautiful locations, delicious food, colourful cultures, interesting people, and new opportunities, then I wake up to my reality! Exhausted, juggling motherhood, being a partner, good dog mumma, running a house, lack of sleep, building a business, and all the other things that life throws my way.

The past few weeks I've felt like I've been playing with a million yo-yos all at once and they have gotten tangled up with illness and health issues plaguing me but I feel like I am coming out the other side of it all now.

I've been really intentional about who I speak to and where I spend my time, manifesting my best life, it's getting there I can feel the internal shift and in small ways am seeing the external shift. I'm feeling as though my brain is currently congested there is so much I want to achieve and get done some of it simple some of needs research and help from others. I'm making more meaningful connections with people and attracting people to me on the same vibe and with the same outlook which is amazing but finding time for me is so difficult and I'm the first to say 'find a way not an excuse' or 'actions speak louder than words' I'm all about integrity and sticking to your word because flakiness really boils my blood so does saying yes to things you have no intention of doing. I feel like if more people were honest with themselves and each other we would all feel a lot better about ourselves and have more confidence in ourselves and each other. The past few weeks I have become that flake over sleeping, missing video call appointments and meet ups THIS IS NOT ME! I don't believe in balance because there is always something that will tip the scales for your attention but living in harmony is something I strive for finding a way to make all the pieces fit best for me and my lifestyle. The hard bit now is going to be not beating myself up about letting down others as I would hate them to think that I do not respect or value their time when that is just not the case. I need to remember that I am a person not a machine and that sometimes I just have to STOP!

The vision of the future is so clear so vivid that it makes resting hard. I don't have days where I can spend building the business I have to snatch moments here and there and it is the so frustrating because if I had free uninterrupted alone time to focus on everything I know I'd smash through all the post it notes on the wall. This is why I have been decluttering the house to make sure everything has a home and I'm not sure about you but when my space is tidy my mind is clear and I get so much more done and feel better for it. Harmony is restored but when it's messy and cluttered thats exactly how my life plays out and it's hard to concentrate and get things done I feel sluggish and negative.

The other night I sat down and wrote out everything I wanted to do with the business and worked out what I could earn from it all minus tax and minus 15% for the peace of mind saving fund and my gosh! financial freedom is on the horizon, it is real is can be mine and this is why it is so hard to stop. After mapping it all out I can see very clearly what I need to do and what my life can be like. It is the best motivator and I know with dedication and consistency that it will all come together!

I'm really working on my money blockers and the relationship I have with money, as I look back I realise that actually I had a great relationship with it and was amazing at saving but didn't invest it I went on holiday or bought household items. Now my focus is on the bigger picture and my gosh I feel like I'm going to get aggressive with it so that I have that peace of mind fund, the adventure fund and the business fund. The lifestyle I want is so clear and in reaching distance that it is hard to see anything else which is scary because I don't want to block myself from opportunities that may come my way from places I wouldn't have thought about or considered.

I may have to have a break so that I can get my health back on track, get my house in order and get organised so I can move forward.


Sweet toothed, travel loving, audiobook addict who is also a mum of two. Her passion for inspiring women to find what lights them up, encouraging independence, self awareness and self love through coaching, events and online support have spawned a safe place where women can rediscover who they are this place is House of Cleo.

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