The House That Cleo Built: Stepping Into My Higher Self

I have been lax on the blog writing with no particular reason why I keep coming up against resistance to stepping into the person I am working so hard to be. The business woman, the mum the partner the great coach.

September was a great month where I did my first public speaking event representing House of Cleo it felt so good. Holly from In the mum style runs events called Girls Gatherings these events are so inclusive and full of vibrant people who inspired me to embrace my style. I realised that I really don't express myself through fashion anymore and I really loved doing that, these days I am conscious about where I shop now trying to make sure it is sustainable and not made by slave labour. I digress, the event was about body confidence which I thought I didn't have much to say on it but actually I had so much to say but if you asked me now what I said I honestly couldn't tell you. I know that I enjoyed it and it really felt right and as if I could do it again. The more I do it the more I will find my style. I did feel very high energy on stage and just let the words come to me rather than preparing as I didn't want to stumble on my words.

I met some very amazing women who I am glad I am still in contact with now as seeing them in all their glory really makes me want to step up into my own style and fully express who I am and help others to do the same.

This month I held my another intimate brunch event at The Florist in Watford this one was all about money and the amazing money coach Holly from 'Build a life you love' lead the conversation which was so interesting. Everyone shared their views on money and how things from childhood had stuck with them and effected them in their businesses. The more I learn about money mindset the more I want to know.

For each guest I bought the book Open up: The power of talking about money by Alex Holder this book is so good and honest, it gives great tips on how to be better with money.

I really want my guests to my brunch to have actionable steps they can take that will help them create good habits and benefit them in the long run.

The setting was great unfortunately two guests on the morning couldn't come which was sad because they missed a really informative event but was good because I got to eat my brunch and theirs! The way to my heart is through my stomach.

I had so many messages asking for this event to be repeated on a Saturday so I am going to take the risk and plan a Saturday lunch in London I have emailed some people I'd love to speak at the event and am waiting for their reply if they say yes then I will go ahead and give it all i've got to sell it out. I like to push myself and this would be the biggest event that I have organised as it will be for 60-70 people.

I am proud of what I have created so far and really want it to go from strength to strength so I am going to be approaching some brands this month to see if I can get some sponsorship maybe collaborate with some. I've never done this before but its all a learning curve and hopefully my mission will resonate with someone and they will come onboard and it will be the start of something new.

Here are a few pictures from the Money Matters Brunch click the arrow to see all images.

Something I need to get back on is the newsletter I use to do it every week but it was a lot of work cramming it in so I think I am going to do it monthly and possibly every two weeks if there is a lot to share. I don't want to spam anyone and would like it to be full of value and thought provoking pieces.

I almost forgot at the beginning of the month I launched the life coaching side of the business after doing a diploma in Life coaching I am hungry to learn more and be the best I can be so that I can really help women rediscover who they are and live lives on their own terms.

I have had a few free clients which I have learnt a lot from but no paid yet, when I launched the coaching I then had to not promote it because I forgot about the settling in period at nursery which messed with the time I had free. I also didn't account for my transitional period of adjustment I was so focused on my son I didn't consider myself. I am now using the rest of the year to learn more and more so I can help others better and feel super confident that I can really make a difference. I've seen such a change in my free clients which was great I'm going to tweak my programme a little before putting it out to the world.

I feel the frustration of the baby steps that I am taking because I want more than ever to pull a wage out of House of Cleo and have it be a business rather than a time consuming hobby. I really want to be seen as a company that makes a difference a company to collaborate with and that others really want to be a part of. I have some really big plans which I'd love to execute the vision is so clear in my mind but seem so far away. My current situation is this I am working two nights a week at Asda and earning nothing from the business, I have many workshops I would like to launch but they need to money to do so as I need a room to conduct the workshops and my local library is where I have chosen to do it until I can find somewhere else. I am going to start where I am aim to serve a person at a time and hopefully come the end of next year I will be looking back thinking damn I can far. I need to remember I do not have any money to invest like so many others have so my lean start up is more of a starving start up but I ma going to make it happen because this is my calling I can feel it in every fibre of my being!


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