The House That Cleo Built - Decluttering

My plan when I started House of Cleo was to blog each week so that you could follow along with my business journey and I could share what I have learnt, what worked and what may help others along the way. That really hasn't happened so I will do my best to keep it up from now on.

This week my focus is on decluttering my house, organising the office, and continuing to create the vision & hustle workshops that I will be running locally in Watford.

Couple of months ago now I checked out a local place to hire for the workshops and some other bits I have planned it was such a great space and easy to access. I could really see myself there hosting a panel discussion or delivering a workshop making a small difference in someones life. Since then I have been a bit slow on the execution and I know this is fear rearing it's ugly head attempting to stop the progress of something new because this is something out of norm for me. It is such a strange feeling to be so sure in yourself that this is going to work but to also have that little voice of disencouragement telling me that I can't do it and that this will be hard.

My next step is to talk to the council so I can book the room out and approach some publications to see if they would like to collaborate with me on my workshops.

I have more things that need to be ticked off the to do list but these are priority so that I can start talking about the workshops locally and gather interest in them.

My workshops aren't just going to be a vision board session but a more in depth look at ones self, what influences us, where we spend our energy and more. I want people to walk away from a workshop knowing in their heart that they can take action steps towards their goals and actually obtain them.

When it comes to events I decided to wind down for the summer so that I can concentrate on creating the workshops and launching the coaching. It can be a busy and difficult time over the summer with trying to fit in family time having less childcare and being more exhausted than usual. I'll also be spending the summer catching up with friends and family as I haven't been back to Suffolk since I moved last year.

Today I did something new which was put together a media kit which consists of stats from instagram and who I am and what I'm about. It's a little sparse at the moment but hopefully the more collaborations I do and the more events and speaking gigs I get the more I can add to it. It is kinda like a social media CV. I literally watched some YouTube Videos on what to put in it then went on Cana and created my own. I don't want fear to hold me back and stop me from doing things the fear was strong and resistance was real but I just did it and got it out the way so I can carry on with the things that I am confident about.

Once I have finished decluttering the house and organising each room I'm hoping that things will flow better and will stay in a state of tidiness because when the house is tidy my mind is clear and I feel able to take on anything and creativity hits me. The bubba is onboard as he puts his toys away after playing, puts his plate in the sink after dinner and puts his nappy in the bin you gotta get them young so those good habits sticks! I'm teaching him gratitude now so it is deeply instilled to his core for a better chance of it being a part of him when he is older.

On a whole I'm feeling good about the direction House of Cleo is going I just wish I had the time to really spend my undivided attention on building it and making it the business I know it will be. My mind is overflowing with ideas and actions I want to take but patience is key it will all happen in time I just need to continue with being consistent doing something every day that will progress the business further.


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