Pink Power! Harnessing the Healing Energy of Rose Quartz

When people ask me what crystal they should buy or how do they know what crystal they need I always say to them that the best way to shop for crystals is to use your intuition and go to a local crystal shop and choose the stone you’re drawn to. You could be drawn to it because of its colour, shape or just the indescribable feeling it gives you and the spiritual connection you make. However, there is certainly also a case for ‘crystal prescriptions’ and purposely choosing a crystal because of its well known healing properties, for example someone may seek citrine if they are trying to manifest wealth because of it’s affinity to the energy of the sun and subsequent abundance it is associated with. That is why I think crystals are so great to work with! because there is so much diversity in not only how to use them but how to shop for them too which is really fun. I believe that for the most part crystals actually choose us, they communicate with us via our energy and intuition and we select the ones we need in our life whether we actively realise it or not. We are all drawn to different stones for different reasons but if there was one crystal I would insist everyone should own it would be rose quartz. I’m not alone in my admiration for this stone, ancient civilisations such as the Greeks and Egyptians used to use sacred rose quartz to make powerful talismans for protection and to keep their complexions clear.

Rose quartz is an easily obtained crystal usually sourced from places such as South Africa, Brazil, Japan, India, United States and Madagascar. It is a pink coloured stone and although usually translucent, variations can be transparent too. This is the stone of unconditional love, and that is not confined to love for others but love of all kinds! Self love, love for the planet, love for pets, partners, children, etc. it is the most important crystal for the heart chakra and helps you to find infinite peace deep within your heart. I love rose quartz so much because its energy is calming, reassuring and purifying yet subtle at the same time. I personally believe it is one of the most powerful stones for emotional healing and establishing genuine self love.

There are loads of ways to tap into the energy of rose quartz from infusing your water with it to wearing it in your bra! I am going to share my 3 main methods below, I hope that they resonate with you and encourage you to use rose quartz in your life because I really truly believe it can work for us all.

1. Feng Sui

Rose quartz can be used to enhance the energy in your home and there are a few specific ways of tapping into this energy of love and abundance. Placing two pieces of large pieces of rose quartz on either side of your bed will promote a stronger bond between you and your partner or yourself! The gentle energy will surround your sacred sleep space with recharging and peaceful vibes and in turn strengthen your sense of connection as well as your sleep quality. Another Feng Sui tip is to place rose quartz (tumbled or rough) wherever the heart of your home is and this will encourage stronger relationships, the energy of love will also promote healing for any emotional turmoil in the atmosphere.

2. On your body...

This is my favourite way to benefit from the healing energy of rose quartz because not only does it make me feel super connected to its frequency when I have it on my body, but it's also just really beautiful! I would say the strongest way to really get in tune with the peaceful energy of rose quartz is to buy some flatter or smaller tumbled stones and actually place them in your bra as close to your heart chakra as possible. It honestly feels so powerful to wear crystals in your bra. It feels empowering, relaxing and like you have found a way to access your divine feminine energy and tackle your day like the goddess you are! I also love wearing rose quartz as a pendant so I can find comfort holding onto it during the day in moments of anxiety or stress. You could also pop some in your pockets, handbag and wear on a bracelet around your wrists so the healing energy is close to your pulse, influence your own energetic field, and attract others to your loving vibes!

3. In your skincare routine

I would highly recommend getting hold of a rose quartz facial roller (you can actually purchase one via my instagram). Rose quartz facial rollers may seem like a pretty new phenomenon but the premise of using rose quartz in your beauty regime is an ancient Chinese practice. Facial rollers invigorate the lymphatic system in your skin and as a result reduce puffiness, slow wrinkles and de-stress. Trust me when I say the feeling of rolling your favourite serum into your freshly washed skin with a cool crystal face roller just feels so luxurious and relaxing. Rose quartz is an incredibly healing stone and so when used on the skin it has the potential to detoxify and improve elasticity. I think just the act of taking a few minutes to roll a lovely product onto your face with a face roller is a great thing to do to promote self care if nothing else.

I hope you enjoyed my post dedicated to rose quartz, and if this has inspired you to get hold of some powerful pink healing energy for yourself or your loved ones then do check out my instagram where I have plenty of rose quartz stones, bracelets, pendants and facial rollers available to purchase via the shop link in my bio. Please see some of the beautiful crystals available to order below. From left to right special grade A stones, rose quartz angel support, and rose aura heart (photo credit: Crystal Harmony UK)

Sending you so much love and light and as always please do reach out and message me with any crystal or spiritual questions

Until next time xx


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