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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Welcome to this journey of my little idea I had all those years ago as a single mother but never made happen due to listening to those around me who said single mums don't run businesses because nobody would take them seriously. I let the negative thoughts and opinions of others and the fear of failure squash my dreams but not anymore! I am going to lead by example and do more things that make me happy, more things that make me, Me! I encourage You to do the same!

Here's the dream: To create a community that CONNECTS women who support each other in their individual dreams, have proper CONVERSATION and are listened to. To EMPOWER women via events and social media to recognise their own power, knowledge and skill and to be more themselves. To encourage women to LOVE themselves and the life they live. To give women a space where they feel safe and free to express themselves and be true to themselves. This will be done by running events all over the UK where everyone feels comfortable, has fun and leaves with that warm glow feeling within.

I set up an Instagram account to show the journey from Concept to Launch so women can be with me through the lightbulb moments, through the scrapped knees, bruised egos, complete failures, absolute joys and triumphs and everything in between. I want to show the truth and be honest so if others want to do the same they can take inspiration from my journey.

I am a mother of two who recently moved to a new area away from Suffolk, everything I know and Love with my partner to be closer to his family in Hertfordshire but I am using this as a chance to finally get this idea to fruition! So come with me and be a part of this exciting new venture, learn from my mistakes and celebrate my wins.

Cleo x


Sweet toothed, travel loving, audiobook addict who is also a mum of two. Her passion for inspiring women to find what lights them up, encouraging independence, self awareness and self love through coaching, events and online support have spawned a safe place where women can rediscover who they are this place is House of Cleo.

 Founder and Life Coach 

Cleo Walters

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