Female boss feature - Raven Reynolds Sears founder of Babes and bad examples

Raven is a super cool bad ass Mumma who runs a handmade jewellery business that promotes body confidence. These meaningful pieces of silver magic are a great addition to anyone collections, read on to hear all about how this female boss does it her way.

Raven Reynolds Sears founder of Babes and bad examples

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Raven Reynolds Sears and I am a jeweller. I run BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES, a jewellery company promoting self awareness and body positivity. 

What inspired/motivated you to create your business?

My inspiration for starting BABE was my need for a creative outlet, whilst raising my daughter from home. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with my daughter, however I felt that I wanted to have a source of independence from my spouse along with keeping my hands moving. My original trade is hairstyling, but after a loss of passion for the industry I sought out a different field that kept my hands moving and brain turning. 

What advice would you give others wanting to start their own business? or rise up through the ranks?

My best advice for someone wanting to start is business is to be true to yourself with your branding and overall company direction. Don’t try to be something you think others will like, make what makes you happy. Ultimately, if you love what you’re putting out then others will be attracted to your enthusiasm. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself! Haha

What have you learnt on your journey as a business owner?

On my journey as a business owner, I have learned that those brands who inspired me to start my own company, build my social media, make original pieces of work - all have been running for YEARS before they actually made a successful business for themselves. They were grafting for years before I even heard of them. So my own personal business successes may not come this year or even next year, but I try to remain optimistic and keep my objectives fresh. 

What has been the toughest challenge being your own boss? or Being in such a high position?

The toughest challenge of being my own boss is definitely the motivational aspect. Theres no team to rally behind you or hype you up. There is no one else to hold you accountable or to even say “well done”.  You have to check in with your own work performance and mental health, often to keep from sinking. Essentially, you’re the CEO, the Office Manager, the Courier and the Human Resources of yourself. 

What is the best thing about being your own boss?

The best things about being my own boss - freedom. Freedom of work environment, work attire, “in office” hours, creative freedom. There are no office politics or suppression in any way. I have worked for many employers that have had unequal pay, sexism, homophobia, racism in the work place (one of those workplaces had all four). Another one of my favourite perks is being able to spend every day with my daughter. I realise I am a very lucky woman to be able to do this, so I make the most of being with her. I work for her and for my own identity. I work to show her that there is no limit to what she can do or achieve. 

Seven random facts about yourself

Seven Random Facts About Me: 

My party trick is making a train sound (my daughter says it sounds like an owl) with my hands. 

My guilty pleasure band is Nickelback. DONT @ ME.

I was born in New Orleans and I’m so damn proud of it. 

I’ve never flashed anyone for Mardi Gras beads… that’s tacky. I’ve done it for free. 

I share a celebrity birthday with Beyonce.

I lived in Germany when I was a child. My dad is in the US Army, so I grew up as an Army Brat.

I cook a mean New Orleans Gumbo. 

Connect with Raven

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