Female Boss Feature: Rachael Welford Founder of Welford Wellbeing

Rachael is the founder of Welford Wellbeing, your high vibes gateway to mastering mental health and life. She is on a mission to empower people to take control of their mental, emotional and spiritual health so they can live life on their terms and access their full potential.

Rachael, is an inspirational speaker and holistic therapist who has an infectious energy. Sincere, not serious; she believes in rising together and enjoying life.

Rachael teaches with passion and knowledge gained directly from personal experience of burn out, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Having had a breakdown following years of unhealthy coping mechanisms, she decided to face her issues and change her life. Through this process, as well as extensive training, she has established solid practises that enabled her to not only rebuild her life but launch a business helping others thrive in the same conditions. This warrants a unique perspective which is delivered in an authentic way. Often acting as the bridge between spirituality and science, magic and the mainstream Rachael creates an inclusive place of self-discovery, inviting people to join her on a journey to master their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Having worked with a variety of companies from Reuters, Havas, UN Women, TFL and Barbican to NME, lululemon and Rude Health, Rachael creates unique wellbeing experiences, which inspire others to cultivate self awareness and build lasting change.

Who are you and what do you do? Hi my name is Rachael and I'm the founder of Welford Wellbeing where I facilitate healing spaces which empower people to master their mental and spiritual health.

What inspired/motivated you to create your business?

After my recovery from severe depression, anxiety and burnout I realised the knowledge and tools I had used to heal myself just weren't readily available to the public. I now want to debunk a lot of myths around mental health and help people heal themselves. 

Do you feel being a woman has been a barrier in anyway during your career and setting up and running your business?

No I have never felt it was a barrier in my business, if anything I think to an extent it helps as people assume you're more nurturing usually if you're a woman.  

What advice would you give others wanting to start a business? 

Start today. Make a simple, easy to follow plan and follow through. Be careful who you share your plans and dreams with and keep one eye on your vision at all times. You can do this! 

What have you learnt on your journey as a business owner?

That it is worth all the work. I love it! I can't wait to see how Welford Wellbeing is going to grow year on year and all the people we can help as a result.  

What has been the toughest challenge being your own boss?  Procrastination, fear and my easily distracted mind!  You have to be very focused and self motivated to be your own boss. 

What is the best thing about being your own boss? 

The freedom it brings and the fact every day is different so I never get bored. 

What do you do in those moments when you feel like quitting?

I do EFT tapping on my fears. I reconnect with my reasons for starting the business. I begin to think of all the people who are needlessly suffering with mental health issues, people in bed with depression and those frozen through anxiety or trauma and I remember what will happen if I quit... I really believe my mission on this Earth is help people realise how powerful they are and what potential there is for growth and healing. 

Do you feel there is a women's revolution coming as more women set up and run their own businesses and is it a good and is this a good thing? 

I think there is a universal awakening happening. I believe we are beginning to wake up collectively and  when this happens we can't ignore whats being shown to us. I believe many oppressed people are being shown new ways. It looks like there is a revolution for all.  For women, POC and the LBGTQ+ communities. I think it is a good thing that more women are owning businesses and being empowered. I believe in equality but to get there is going to take some super awkward conversations and huge adjustments in behaviour, beliefs and culture. I can't see why more women in business would ever be a bad thing? 

What does the future hold for your business?

My podcast, Things I wish I'd known (TIWIK) launches later this year, I have a partnership starting in September with Gymbox and Meditation Made Simple course has just launched so there is a lot of new things happening with the business. It is a super exciting time! 

Were there any moments in your life where you felt like you were not living the life you felt you wanted and what did you do to overcome that?

No, not consciously. I think with hindsight I always had this feeling that there had to be something more to life but I didn't really know what.  I guess I overcame that feeling by working and partying loads so I didn't have to think about it... not sure that was the answer you were looking for though :-) 

Did you find it hard getting a diagnosis and the help with your mental health? and what support helped you through that period of your life?

I didn't find it hard getting a diagnosis but I don't think there was any question in anyone's mind as my symptoms were really severe. The "help" was, here are all your different medications... Now go take them... You can join the year long wait list for counselling. I was lucky that I had been paying into a private health insurance through work which had the option of talk therapy so I used that and have super awesome supportive friends and family who literally scooped me up and nursed me back to health.  In the early days (when I was bed ridden and literally had no zest for life at all) the things that helped me were research and hope. Looking at other people's stories, seeing how they had healed and following their steps. Tools like affirmations, journaling, building self love and compassion and starting to meditate all helped me.  When we spoke before you were saying there is a difference between knowledge and applied knowledge please could you explain what that is?

It's the difference between cognitively knowing something and actually doing what you need to do. For example, I may have built up enough self awareness to know I hate my job and need to change it (knowledge) but am I working on my cv, looking for new opportunities and actively trying to better my position? (applied knowledge). It's all well and good knowing you have a problem, researching solutions and understanding what needs to be done. It's a very different actually doing the work. 

How do you silence the internal negative voice that tries to sabotage your progress?

I don't entertain it anymore. I send it love and move on. It's had way too much air time this lifetime. 

What one thing would you advice everyone start doing today for the betterment of their mental health?

Go and look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself. Tell yourself you trust you're healing. Tell yourself you are going to be OK. 

What three books would you pick if they were the only books you could ever read?

You can heal your life - Louise hayBraving the wilderness - Brene BrownA Return to Love - Marianne Williamson

Which three women are giving you the positive energy on instagram right now? 

  1. Millie from Sober Girl Society

  2. Jill from She's Lost Control & Jill Urwin Jewellery 

  3. Found and Flourish 

Seven random facts about yourself 1.I have jumped out of a plane

2. I hitch hiked my way around New Zealand

3. I had a rap record out on an album once 

4. I've snowboarded all over the world 

5. I used to be a contemporary dancer for 12 years

6. I'm also work as an artist under the guise of LidlBillionaire

7. I love textiles and fabrics and could get lost in fabric shops for days! 

Anything to add

I have just launched Things I Wish I'd Known Podcast (www.welfordwellbeing.com/tiwikpodcast) and have the second round of my course Meditation Made Simple coming out shortly www.welfordwellbeing.com/courses

I also have a retreat coming up in Morocco a mix of yoga, meditation and sound healing. 


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