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Updated: Apr 23, 2019

To celebrate women in business I'm launching a series called #FemaleBossFeature

Each week I will introduce a woman in business who will share what they do, how they do it, what they've learnt and share a piece of advice for those wanting to start their own business.

It is said that men start businesses out of passion and women start businesses out of necessity. Now we will see if that is the case.

Starting the series off is Sarah Lou Murray a Northern creative mumma of two who works part time with youths in the community, while running her own business Merpinz and blog via 2mermaidz.

MerPinz had been a dream of mine for a while. I really love pins, like I'm a NERD for pins. When I was pregnant with my youngest I treat myself to new pins throughout the pregnancy. A treat to me, something cool and not mega pricey! Plus it meant I could support small shops which is a passion of mine. I began to have ideas, so I sketched them out. They stayed with me for over a year, I'd get down about not doing anything with them but I knew I just didn't have the time (hello baby bump) or the money behind me. So I spent my time dreaming, talking to a few close friends about all these ideas I had. I did lots of research and spent my time planning, if I'm being 100% honest I never thought MerPinz would happen. I went back to work around October time last year, I work part time - just 2 days a week with young people. I think I'd only been back a few weeks and a fire grew within me, I just knew it was time and I just sent the email about pricing. From that day I've not stopped working on MerPinz. Creating an Instagram, building the shop, getting my idea's out there ... I managed to open the shop on Jan 1st and I've been blown away with the love and support. I still can't believe people buy and wear my pins, it feels so surreal. So far I have 5 pins available and I know this is only the start, I have so much motivation and enthusiasm for MerPinz. I have some exciting things coming this year and I just want to show my two littles that girls can do ANYTHING.

I started #titsandtearz after experiencing a tough journey with breastfeeding my youngest, Marceline. When I breastfed the first time around everything happened so easily, it felt really natural - almost like I'd done it before. I stopped feeding Loralai at 6 months, I didn't want to but I did. Numerous things brought me to that place and I didn't have the network like I do now, or the confidence. When I fell pregnant with Marceline I knew straight away I wanted to breastfeed. Little did I know it would be one of the hardest things I'd ever go through. She lost too much weight, my nipples felt like someone had chopped them off and each feed felt like I was being cut with a razor blade! We had to go back to hospital, I ended up expressing and giving her bottles of my milk. Things where gruelling, it was hard, extremely emotional but man I did it. Me, I battled through that and went on to smash any kind of goal I had set for myself. I never knew how hard breastfeeding could be, especially with such an easy experience the first time around, feeding Marceline just opened my eyes to the realities of breastfeeding. Yes sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, it can be so amazingly beautiful yet we can hate it too. After that I just wanted to create a safe space for women to share and talk about breastfeeding, to normalise it too. It's very important to me and it's created a community of Mama's who chat about boobs. And I love that.

A lesson I have learnt is to really believe in myself. It's not easy to do but I'm there. I'm at that point in my life where I can say I am mint and not worry that someone thinks I'm big headed. I'm allowed to love my creativity, I'm allowed to shout out about my things because I am MEGA proud of myself.

My advice for anyone wanting to start their own business is, do it. Just listen to your gut - be sensible of course, you need to spend your time learning and getting things right. There's no rush, little steps get you to where you want to be. I'm happy I spent a year taking my time with MerPinz, it's really paid off. But seriously, be your own cheerleader and surround yourself with supportive friend's.

You can connect with Sarah Lou via the following

Merpinz - www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MerPinz

2mermaidz - www.2mermaidz.com

To celebrate women in business I've launched a series called #FemaleBossFeature

Each week I will introduce a woman in business who will share what they do, how they do it, what they've learnt and share a piece of advice for those wanting to start their own business. To get involved please contact me here.


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