Cake meet launch

And just like that it is all over, I did it! I hosted my first House of Cleo free event and it was well received.

Monday 18th February was a drizzly grey morning I'd woken up groggy and feeling as though I hadn't had any sleep. It took me a little bit to get out of bed but when I did I decided to get hyped with music putting on my go to feel good song Ciara - Level up. I had a dance around the bathroom then got ready for the day even putting on a full face of make-up.

My daughter got ready and we loaded up the car with a the bits I had organised the night before. We stopped of at Tesco to get Ice and then at Asda to get a paddling pool for create a ball pit for the little ones.

I was worried we were going to be late and wouldn't find a parking space but we did. It was a bit of a mission carrying everything over to the venue but knew it would be worth it.

The venue was Watford central library which is a beautiful building on the outside. I had hired the which was located upstairs which was accessible for those with buggies via the lifetime at the back.

My partners mother met us there with the baby as she was going to be providing reflexology at the event. We set up the room and people started arriving just before the event so also helped to set up which was greatly appreciated.

Reflexology and basic manicures were set up on the stage and the cakes were laid out in front of the stage. Tables and chairs were put around the edge of the room and the toys for kids put in the middle. Tea, coffee and soft drinks were on the side on the higher surface out of the reach of little hands.

The event was underway and my goodness I was feeling good the first few people to arrive really made me feel at ease because my first event had attendees which was great. In total the there twelve women and their children who came. The reflexology and basic manicures were a hit.

The best thing about the event was the vibe it was such a positive supporting atmosphere. Women who had never met before were holding each others babies so they could get treatments done, top up their car parking and go to the loo.

I really appreciated all the cakes that were baked and transported all the way to the venue. There was one stole the show so I had to give it a square all of it's own.

The very talented and beautiful Bumni (I think I spelt that wrong) of @bouxbakes hasn't long popped out a baby but managed to create this salted caramel masterpiece which was Devine (Pictured below). It wasn't too sweet the flavours were balanced and the presentation was spot on. If you are looking for someone to back you a little summit summit for your special occasion or just to celebrate Tuesday she is your cake baking saviour!

Due to the sheer amount of cakes that were there I think for future cake meets I will see if any bakeries or cake makers would like to sponsor the event by donating a selection of cakes in return for images on Instagram and a feature on the website.

I would love to offer some kind of FREE pampering at each event and am open to contributions/collaboration so if you have a skill that would help make a womens day and make her feel more herself please get in contact. Let's inspire, support and connect women together.

Thank you to all that came today and made it special, inclusive, supportive and totally delicious with all the cakes.


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