Beginning Our Crystal Healing Journey

When I was a little girl my parents took me to The New Forest in Hampshire at least twice a year. I believed then, as I still do now, that the place was magical. I truly believed the forest was alive with magic and all around us were fairies, witches and nymphs. My Mother highly encouraged my imagination by taking me to crystal shops in the surrounding villages and buying me small stones, books about witchcraft and fairy figurines. That was my introduction to crystals. Fast forward almost ten years and I am studying crystal healing and believe to my very core that one day facilitating the spiritual and emotional healing of others will be my sole occupation in life. I have been suffering with a mental illness called anorexia for 8 years and I have been to the depths of darkness and despair and somehow in the middle of hell I found a speck of light to guide me out, and that light is growing and growing as I'm developing and nurturing my spirituality and crystal healing journey that I want to invite you all along to.

I can't believe I'm saying this but in a way I am grateful for my illness, if it wasn't for my anorexia I wouldn't have become so invested in educating myself about crystals and crystal healing. I wouldn't have all the powerful knowledge I am equipped with now. The phrase "grow through what you go through" couldn't stand to more truth as far as I'm concerned. I believe that crystals are playing a big part in my recovery and each week on this blog I'm going to share my knowledge about all things to do with crystals so anyone out there who needs the light or just wants to learn more about these fantastic mystical stones from our amazing planet can do so. Knowledge is power and sharing that power is a beautiful and highly empowering use of time for us all. This is why I launched my instagram account ‘Queen of the Zodiac’ (because I am an Aries female and we’re queens of the zodiac…) to share knowledge and empower as many as one girl can. It's weird to me because for so long I was so socially isolated, but I love nothing more than sharing my healing journey with others and exchanging messages with people from all over the world who want to learn more about these incredible stones and how to heal from within. I see this blog as another avenue to reach more people and enlighten them with knowledge about how everyone can benefit from the healing energy of crystals in someway. There's so much I could talk about in terms of crystals and crystal healing such as their metaphysical properties, their different energy frequencies, using them for chakra therapy, cleansing them etc. but it seems like a natural starting point to begin this blog with what is crystal healing? and my recommendation for beginners crystals everyone ought to own and have in their space. I'll pop in photos below of some of my crystals for some inspiration.

Crystal healing by definition is a pseudoscientific holistic therapy that uses crystals to draw negative energies, and some will say even illness out of the body. This is done through crystal healing sessions when a healer will place appropriate crystals on the body. However, just having them in your home and work space will affect the energy frequency of your body and mind for the better. Different stones have different chemical structures and therefore different energy frequencies. This is why there are crystals suitable for healing a plethora of ailments; because every crystal has a unique crystalline structure and therefore a unique energy frequency. For example amethyst has a stable and calming energy, so many people find its great for aiding sleep, easing anxiety, curing headaches and curing insomnia. Crystal healing can also be a very successful method of chakra balancing using crystal colour correspondences. It really is so fascinating isn't it?! that all of this healing power and potential comes from and is made deep within our earth. I'm telling you, Mother earth and her nurturing feminine energy has our back!

Everyone will have their opinions on the best beginners crystals and mine are not set in stone (was determined to get a pun in this blog ha!) but here are my top 8 crystal suggestions for newbies:

1. Rose Quartz - the stone of unconditional love for yourself and others in your life, it purifies and opens the heart and can physically strengthens the heart and circulatory system

Rough and Tumbled Rose Quartz | Photo is My Own

2. Tigers Eye - a grounding stone with a high vibrational state due to it’s combination of earth and sun energies. Tigers eye is known to be a natural mood lifter and attracts prosperity in all its forms

Tumbled Tigers Eye | Photo is My Own

3. Clear Quartz - Often referred to as the ‘master healer’ clear quartz has the ability to amplify the energy of other stones. It can be used to heal any condition both emotionally and physically. I’d say if you only owned one crystal, it ought to be this. Holding a clear quartz crystal doubles your bio magnetic field and protects against radiation.

Tumbled and Rough Clear Quartz | Photo is My Own

4. Jade - the stone of purity and tranquility, it is said to protect from harm and bring harmony

Tumbled Light Jade Stone | Photo is My Own

5. Carnelian - has a very high energy! brilliant for restoring vitality and motivation. Almost like the espresso of crystals! especially when combined with clear quartz to amplify the energy field. Used to influence the female reproductive system and help with fertility as well as improving the absorption of vitamins into the blood.

Tumbled Carnelian | Photo is My Own

6. Smoky Quartz - this is my favourite stone! for some reason I’m forever drawn to it and general advice for crystal shopping is actually to go with the one you’re drawn to as it’s likely what you need. This stone has a very grounding energy and helps to alleviate depression and negative thinking patterns.

Tumbled Smoky Quartz | Photo is My Own

7. Citrine - a regenerating energy! Citrine carries the power of the sun. It has the ability to absorb, transmute and dissipate negative energy and aligns your subtle body with your physical

Tumbled Citrine | Photo is My Own

8. Hematite - This stone is literally like a magnet to drawn negative energy from the space or body it’s placed on. It harmonises the mind. body and soul and stimulates the absorption of iron and aids conditions such as anaemia.

Polished Hematite | Photo is My Own

I am really proud to be an ambassador for the UK’s biggest crystal retailer Crystal Harmony which is ran by two extremely knowledgable boss ladies who really do know their stuff when it comes to crystals and all things spiritual. We actually have a special crystals for newbies kit I thought appropriate to mention. It includes clear quartz, jade, rose quartz, carnelian and tigers eye and comes beautifully wrapped and cleansed with meaning cards for each stone.

Crystal Harmony Crystals for Newbies Set £8.00

Should you wish to purchase a starter kit or find out more about other crystals to start or add to your collection please do visit my instagram where I have plenty of photos and a link to the shop. I can also offer personal shopping whereby I message you to find out what crystals I think you need and make recommendations based on all sorts of things from the colours you’re drawn towards to difficulties you may be facing in life, I can help you to access the soothing spiritual energy to boost or protect your personal energy field.

Thanks so much for reading! I'm so excited to facilitate your crystal healing journey and I do hope you reach out! I literally love nothing more than chatting about crystals, and to be honest chatting about anything in general really!

Until next time…. sending you an abundance of light, love and blessings x

Sarah / Queen of the Zodiac xx


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