5 Summer Staples for the busy Mum.

For some of us we have longed for the summer month to arrive. We now have the luxury of longer days we all feel a little bit happier with some vitamin D. But for some when we get to those summer days it's hard to know what to wear. You haven't quite got a winter/autumn and spring/summer wardrobe (as you don't do seasonal dressing) and you need a little bit of help knowing what to wear this summer so I'm going to show you 3 great staples to have in your wardrobe that will help you get through the summer at ease. This is great for mums who are busy and on the go.

T-shirt You can't go wrong with a slogan t-shirts and they are everywhere this summer. So if you prefer something different and want to make a little bit of a statement go for a t-shirt with the slogan. There are some great ones at H&M and Primark have a great selection but if you're going for the classic white T-shirt I would definitely head down to Marks and Spencer's as their white t-shirts and vest tops a great quality.

H&M Feelin Peachy T Shirt £3.99 Marilyn T-Shirt £8.99 Images taken from www2.hm.com. M&S White vest top £6.50 www.marksandspencer.com

Wrap dress, I'm really a big fan of things that you can take from season to season and I think I wrap dress is one of those things you can team wrap dresses with sandals in the summer. Wrap dresses with tights and boots in the winter look great too. They are just so universal and multi functional so I think a wrap dress is definitely a summer staple.

All above wrap dresses are from ASOS.com, all images taken from ASOS.com

Denim Jacket, A staple for your wardrobe this summer is a denim jacket the denim jacket is great to wear with a mixture of things throughout the summer it's basically the equivalent of a leather jacket in the winter or autumn season. Just like the leather jacket in the autumn/winter months a denim jacket is a must come summer. They will look great with your slogan T Shirts, or over a wrap dress. If a denim jacket is not your thing, why not try a denim shirt instead. I love wearing a vest top with a pleated skirt with a denim shirt over the top. There are lots of denim jackets on the high street to compliment different body shapes. If you like a little colour why not try ASOS and Pretty Little Thing they have them in different colours which is great for all those heading to bestival with the kids or are having a mummy day off at a festival with friends over the summer. The one below is on sale at Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins Pink Denim Jacket £22.50 Images taken from www.dorothyperkins.com New Look Denim Jacket £26.99, images taken from New Look Website www.newlook.com

Zara Denim Shirt £19.99, image taken from www.zara.com

Sandals The fourth thing I would definitely say you need to get for this summer and every summer in fact is a good pair of sandals. You want to get a pair of sandals that are multi-functional and you can wear with various outfits, so I always suggest going with a tan, black or white colour. But if your bit like me and never really want to play it safe then by all means go for a bold colour like pink yellow or even a print. I picked up a few pairs from Primark for £6 I got a snakeskin , green and a white pair and I never thought I'd do white shoes or sandals but I must say they are the ones that I have worn the most. You definitely won't look out of place this spring/summer with white footwear. Wedge sandals are a great way to dress up a causal outfit on a summers day. You can find the Hermes dupe sandals all over the high street, yes even primarni has a pair. Dunes are most definitely a great invest for the summer months.

Primark Leopard print sandals £10 images taken from primark.com. Dune £85 images taken from cosmopolitan.com/ H&M wedge sandal £24.99 images from from H&M.com

Sunglasses And last but by no means least, how could we not add to our capsule wardrobe a pair of sunnies. Sunglasses are a must through the summer months and a great style accessory, sunglasses can definitely show your style personality as there are so many shapes and colours out there on the High Street. Primark and H&M have a wide selection of sunglasses and they're all at a real affordable price. If sunglasses are your thing then why not spend a little bit more and get a pair from maybe Topshop or M&S/ Marks and Sparks have some amazing ones in at the moment or if they are really really your thing get yourself some Ray Bands they last you a lifetime and you will always be on trend.

Topshop sunglasses £8 image taken from topshop.com, Primark

Sunglasses, image taken from primark.com prices unknown, M&S sunglasses image taken from marksandspencers.com

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