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My aim is to create a community of women who intentionally, honestly and non-judgementally support each others in their every day lives and in their work/businesses. I do not subscribe to the notions that women cannot work together! I truly believe that when women support women incredible things are created. 

Each month I host events in Watford (sometimes venture into London) that provoke thought, encourage community and connection. I deliberately keep the events intimate so that everyone feels comfortable and able to share any thoughts with the group. I seek out speakers who specialise in a certain subject or live their life on their own terms so that they can share with the women attending the events how they do what they do in the hopes of inspiring others to take control of their lives and live more in alignment with their passions and things that bring them joy.

I have recently added a panel talk event to the mix this is a larger event that will be put on every few months.

Current events that are on offer:


The Panel

Brunch Club

The Supper Club

Cake and Chill Meet Up

Mastermind Gatherings

I have so many ideas for events that I would like to put on in the future and am looking forward to getting those out there once I find suitable venues.

The women I met today were inspiring, humbling, strong, and vulnerable all at once. Bear hugs, feeding, diving head first into ball ponds... the energy in the room was infectious and solidarity of shared experiences so very heart warming.

Prarthana Roa

Went to my first mummy meet up last week and loved it. New faces all around but nobody felt like a stranger. A warm inviting environment with lots of giggles; everyone helped each other with their little ones so each mummy had their turn of getting pampered. Looking forward to many more events 

Seetal Patel

Beautiful things happen when you step out of your comfort zone! When you believe you have what it takes to go a little bit further, one step at a time...

Lovely Cleo your events are exactly what we all need to bring a different perspective in our lives. I love meeting women I would never have crossed paths with otherwise, listening to their stories is so empowering and of course there is the intention of supporting each other in business and otherwise.

Deppy Maroukli

I attended the House of Cleo brunch event at The Florist and had a lovely time. Everything was on point from the food to the venue but what really made it special were the women who came. It was great to spend a morning sharing stories and creating genuine connections. Zoe the speaker was also amazing and it was great to be able to bring my baby too. Thanks Cleo for a fab time.

Nicola Rae-Wickham


Sweet toothed, travel loving, audiobook addict who is also a mum of two. Her passion for inspiring women to find what lights them up, encouraging independence, self awareness and self love through coaching, events and online support have spawned a safe place where women can rediscover who they are this place is House of Cleo.

 Founder and Life Coach 

Cleo Walters

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